Just For Clicks // Fame, Mystery & Sisterhood.

Just For Clicks

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Bookish Tag // Valentine’s Day Book Tag {Featuring Aesthetics}.

Love is in the air! I love doing bookish tags and I haven’t done one in forever so I’m really excited to do this Valentine’s Day Tag. I’m not one to really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I will gladly talk about books every single day and I’ll definitely celebrate them with a bookish tag and some beautiful aesthetics

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The ABC Book Challenge {B}.

I loved doing the first letter of this challenge and I am excited to continue on throughout the entire alphabet. Today we’ll be looking at memorable titles and books on my TBR that start with the letter B

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My Boyfriend Chooses My TBR {February 2019}.

Hi guys, so today I want to do a bit of a fun post! I am letting my boyfriend choose my TBR for February. I have seen a couple of booktubers do this, but I haven’t seen many blog posts like it before. The boyfriend is not a very big reader {like at all} he supports my hobby and this blog SO much and he is really excited to take part in this feature. Let’s see what he chose for me to read ♡ 

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Bookish Adaptations I Watched and Loved In 2018.

Bookish adaptations are taking the world by storm and I’m loving it! I watched tons of amazing movies last year and quite a number of them were bookish adaptations. There’s just something really magical about books being turned into a really great movie. Listed below are five of my favourite book to movie adaptations that I watched last year

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The ABC Book Challenge {A}.

I’ve seen this challenge on a few bloggers blogs over the past month or so. I think it’s a really great way to share your favourite books and highlight some books you’re excited for! The aim of the challenge is to take each letter of the alphabet and talk about some of your favourite and TBR books starting with that letter. Since this is my first post for this challenge, we’ll be looking at the letter A for today

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